5 Very Good Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant

So you’ve got a great business, but you’re struggling to grow brand awareness, website traffic, leads, and sales. While you’ve had a lot of success at handling a multitude of tasks on your own, marketing is out of your league, and you’re spending a lot of time and money experimenting, but not getting much in return.


You’re now considering hiring a marketing consultant: a smart move that has saved many start-ups and small businesses from going under. 


To help you decide whether a marketing consultant is right for you, I break down the top 5 reasons it might be time to bring in the professionals. 


#1 You Can’t Afford Full-time Marketing Staff


It’s a reality for many start-ups and small businesses that they can’t afford a marketing team, or any marketing staff. This is the number one reason to hire a digital marketing consultant. 


Without dedicated marketing staff, it might be tempting to try to do the work yourself – read some articles on setting up Google Ads or SEO (how hard can it be, right?), but you’d be wasting a lot of time and money on trial and error. 


Digital marketing isn’t learned overnight. It takes years and years of work to gain the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively grow brands and businesses, and yes to set up Google Ads and SEO correctly.


Many start-ups and small businesses fail because they lack marketing expertise, and they spend years struggling with trial and error. 


Hiring a marketing consultant lets you skip all of that trial and error; You get all the benefits of a seasoned marketing professional who can help you make the right marketing decisions, without hiring additional marketing staff.


#2 You Don’t Know What’s Working and What’s Not


Maybe you’ve been pouring all of your effort into email marketing or content marketing, but you’re not sure how well these tactics are working.


If you don’t have the data to understand what’s working and what’s not, you are marketing blindly and likely wasting a lot of time and money.


A digital marketing consultant can help you take a step back, figure out what’s working and what’s not based on the data, so you know exactly where to dedicate your resources.


#3 Business is Slow 


One of the best reasons to hire a marketing consultant is you’re not seeing the results you wanted and business is slow. 


Maybe you’re not seeing the response you had hoped for from Google Ads, your website traffic is dismal, or you haven’t had a sale in weeks. 


This is a perfect time to bring in an expert. A digital marketing consultant will be able to quickly assess the situation, determine what the issue is, and create a marketing strategy so that you can start to see success.


#4 You Need a Fresh Perspective

When you’re involved in the everyday operations of a company, it can be hard to take a step back and see where the problems and opportunities lie. Maybe it feels like you’re doing everything right – after all no one knows your business like you do, but when you are that close to your business there are going to be blind spots in your marketing strategy. 


A marketing consultant can bring a fresh perspective and objectivity that will help separate what you think is working from what actually is working and develop a marketing strategy to move your business forward. 


#5 You Need to Grow, Fast

Finally, if you’re feeling the pressure from higher-ups or investors to meet certain targets in order to grow fast, it might be the right time to hire a digital marketing consultant. 


A good marketing consultant, with 5+ years of senior-level marketing experience, will know exactly what your next move should be in order to meet your targets for impressions, traffic, leads, and sales. 


They will also be able to create a winning marketing strategy for your business to ensure you’re not just setting yourself up for short-term growth, but long-term growth as well. 


Improving the Odds With a Marketing Consultant

The bottom line is this: If you’re not sure, don’t waste time and money on trial and error. Studies routinely show that businesses who hire consultants, and outsource work they’re unfamiliar with, are more likely to succeed. 


So, if any of the five reasons above applies to you, it’s time to hire a marketing consultant! 

Want a free consultation? Book one today with Jenny Henry Marketing.  


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